Saturday, October 8, 2011

So here goes nothing...

I'm an avid follower of about 30+ blogs and rising almost daily.  I am so inspired and awed by the amazing talents of the women I follow as it seems there isn't anything that they can't do, and when I say do I mean do amazingly well.  I've been a crafting nerd for as long as I can remember.  Ever since I was very young I loved to make things...paint, draw, sculpt, bake...whatever.  I just loved to create!  The satisfaction it gave me and still to this day gives me is hard to describe.  I love looking at something I made and and thinking to myself " I made that!".  No store bought item, decoration, cake, home decor, etc. can replace the satisfaction I get from making it myself.  Although many most of what I could purchase would turn out way better looking than if I made it myself...but not always. 

After stalking, I mean following, these blogs for a while now and being completely inspired by them I decided to start my blog in the hopes to do the same for others, both though my own craftiness and through the creativity of my crafting, sewing and baking heroines.

So, here goes nothing.

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