Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deliciously disgusting Halloween food

It's times like this with Halloween right around the corner and all the cute and disgusting things you can do with food that I really find myself wishing my kids weren't such picky eaters.  Unfortunately the amount of cute and creepy things you can make for Halloween with chicken nuggets, noodles, pizza, chips, etc. is extremely limited. But if you're kids are better eaters than mine, you'll enjoy whipping up some of these disgusting Halloween recipes courtesy of Cute Food For Kids.

Skeleton and spider eggs from Cute Food For Kids

Meatloaf hand from Not Martha

Pastry Intestines from The Knead For Speed

I make these witch finger cookies every year and they are always a hit with my kids and guests. My daughter loves them so much (and she doesn't even like cookies) that she likes to pack them in her lunch and take them to school.  This recipe comes from Peppers Pollywogs.

Jello "Blood" Worms from The Idea Room

Bloody Band-Aids from Katherine Marie Photography

How dirty do you like your Martinis? These radish eyeballs from Foodista are perfect for a Halloween Martini!

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